Free COVID-19 stock footage

Showcase how the pandemic has shifted our lives. With footage of empty cities, people in masks, and frontline workers caring for others, these videos reflect our current moment.

Free COVID-19 Stock Videos

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Close up of Male Hands Type on a Laptop Keyboard preview image
A Guy Takes His Laptop and Starts Working in a Plane preview image
A Guy Closes an Airplane Window preview image
Close-up Shot of Guy Opens Airplane Porthole preview image
Close-up Shot of Male Passenger Opens Airplane Window preview image
Girl Fastens Seat Belt in an Airplane and Adjusts the Length preview image

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A Girl Unlocks Safety Seat Belt  preview image
View From Airplane Porthole to the Blue Sky and Clouds preview image
Nature Through the Airplane Window preview image
Close up of a Girl Takes the Phone Out of Her Purse preview image
Girl Comes and Sits on the Bench at the Empty Terminal Lounge preview image
View of a Cityscape From a Plane Porthole preview image